Connected to our security HQ through a phone transmitter, we receive every alarm alert and we inform you and the authorities within a minute. With the intercom device, we are even able to listen and/or to warn, in order to be sure that everything is fine. It works no matter what your phone installation is (ADSL, VoIP, etc...)

Basic option: Includes a set of sensors (movement, code identification, sound sensor, thermal sensor for food or chemical conservation), connected to a central alarm system, itself connected to a phone transmitter. The system "calls" us every time an alarm goes off, and then we check what the reasons why the alarm went off according to the data we have received (location, …), and this thanks to a password from you...

Complete installation :
Equips each area from your site according to your needs. Also includes an unlimited number of security agents' interventions.

Intercom installation :
Every alarm trigger warns us and we take a look at the site for a limited amount of time, in order to see what is going on, and then we proceed to identification on the site.

The text message option :
Automatically receive a text message at every alarm triggered and keep a written trace that can be very useful for your insurance.
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